Dr. Du

Dr. Du has gathered deep understanding of regulatory affairs of pharmaceutical industry over the past 30 years. Dr. Du used to work in US FDA, in charge of new drug approvals, clinical trial evaluations and biopharmaceutical approvals. He also served multiple high ranking positions leading the department of regulatory affairs of renowned pharmaceutical companies through his career as top expert in regulation. Dr. Du is now the Chairman of LTC Regulatory Affair Committee.


Dr. Guan

Dr. Guan is a senior scientist in immunology and antibody, with 15 years of experience in antibody research and development. Dr. Guan is the main inventor of several patented patent technologies. As a former US IHV antibody core laboratory leader, assistant professor, co-founder and the first CSO of FZata Corporation, Dr. Guan received more than $7 million in IND funds from the NIH (National Institutes of Health) for his antibodies that he developed.


Bei Ma

A former Vice-President of Global Health at British Standards Institution (BSI) and a former member of United States Pharmacopeia (USP). Ms Ma is an expert in the fields of medicine, medical devices, digital medical and artificial intelligence of medical and health care, global market expansion and international quality standard formulation and coordination.


Dr. Albert Gee

During his over 20 years’ experience with GLAXOSMITHKLINE and NOVARTIS, Dr. Gee has accumulated exceeding experience in pharmaceutical product development, innovation evaluation and product commercialization. Dr. Gee has deep knowledge across various therapeutic areas including analgesics, respiratory disease, diagnostics, GI, and drug delivery. Dr. Gee is now the Chairman of LTC New Technology and Innovation Appraisal Committee.


Dr. Zhi

Dr. Zhi has accumulated his 40-year experience with Bio-Pharmaceuticals through serving various key positions with Amgen and Pfizer. Dr. Zhi is one of the world’s top Quality Assurance and Quality Control life scientists with comprehensive experience in biopharmaceutical development from INDs to NDAs. Dr. Zhi is also among the key scientists who have developed Pfizer’s blockbuster drug Celebrex. Dr. Zhi is now the Chairman of LTC Biopharmaceutical Appraisal Committee.